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Freitag, den 28. August 2009

At the end of 1994 the Perth Mint received permission from the Australian government to issue a palladium coin series. The first 40 AU$ emu palladium coin was issued in October of 1995 in proof quality. In 1996 a bullion edition (BU quality) with the motif of the proof version of the previous year was also issued. The bullion coins were packed in capsules and sold by the Perth Mint for 110% of the actual palladium price at the time of issue. The proof issues were sold in a distinctive black wooden box including a certificate for a fixed price in a range between AU$ 350 and AU$ 425 (depending on the year). The maximum mintage per year was set at 2500 pieces in proof and 5000 pieces in BU quality (detailed issue amounts Auflagen), but not all coins were minted in the maximum allowed quantities. The production of the 1998 issue was suspended when Russia blocked the delivery of palladium, rapidly driving up the price of the metal due to low availability. Many palladium coins were melted down at this time, and therefore one must often pay a premium fee for palladium coins minted during this period. In the year 2006 the Perth Mint resumed minting the 1998 BU emu coins, but the maximum planned amount of 5000 pieces has not been reached. One can find additional information about this extra mintage in the 1998 section.

Box Emu 1996 Proof

COA Emu 1996 Proof

Box and COA Emu 1996 Proof

The obverse of the coins shows Queen Elisabeth II. , the reverses show the following motives:

1995 Proof: Emu with eggs
1996 Bu: Emu with eggs
1996 Proof: Emu with two chicks
1997 Bu: Emu with two chicks
1997 Proof: Emu with pup
1998 Bu: Emu with pup

The design of the obverse is made by Raphael Maklouf. The responsibility for the reverse design is different. Louise Pinder was responsible for the 1995-1996 in proof and 1996-1997 in Bu. Milena Milan was responsible for 1997 proof and 1998 Bu

The following parameters specify the Emu palladium coins:

Denomination: AU$40
Weight: 31,185g
Material: Palladium Pd
Ounce: 1
Fineness: 99,95%
Diameter: max. 36,10mm
Thickness: max. 4,00mm
Edge: 225 serrations

Emu Bu and Proof

As you see on the photos, there are more differences between the both versions (BU and proof). The BU issue was primary made as an investor coin and a part of the background is matted and elements of the illustration are glossy minted. In comparison to this the proof issue has a glossy minted background and matted elements of the illustration. A proof version of a coin is always minted with special glossy polished treated coin blank and polished dies. There is also a higher pressure and a restriction of the minting speed for proof coins to get the best possibly pieces. The price for the proof coins is much higher then the real material price because of this special necessary treatments. Also each proof coin has an additional “P” (the mintmark of the Perth Mint).

You can find this mintmark on the proof coins here:

1995 Proof: Below the Emu’s neck at the upper grass beginning
1996 Proof: Below the Emu’s tail at the upper grass beginning
1997 Proof: At the foot of the young Emu