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1995 –

Freitag, den 28. August 2009

In 1995 the first Palladium coin was issued by the Perth Mint. This coin was the AU$ 40 Emu coin 1995 in the quality Proof. The maximum amount of this issue is 2.500 pieces, all pieces have been minted. The coin was sold for AU$350 official issue price in a black wooden box including a certificate to prove the authenticity. A maximum of 75 coins has also been issued in the Metal Proof Set 1995.

Australia 40 Dollar Emu 1995 Proof

Box Emu 1995 Proof

This Four Metal Proof Set has a maximum edition of 75 pieces and it was packed in a wooden box with green coininlay and certificate. The set contains the following 4 coins in proof quality:

AU$1 Silver 1 ounce Kookaburra 1995
AU$ 100 Gold 1 ounce Kangaroo 1995
AU$ 100 Platinum 1 ounce Koala 1995
AU $ 40 Palladium 1 ounce Emu 1995

Australia Four Metal Proof Set 1995

COA Australia Four Metal Proof Set 1995

In August of 1997 the Perth Mint has issued a so called Typeset, because they want to offer collectors a noble presentation box for the proof emu coins. This typeset contains a black box for the three issued proof coins and a detailed booklet with information about the complete EMU series. The price without coins was AU$65, the maximal production amount was 750 pieces.

First Typeset Collection Emu Palladium

First Typeset Collection Emu Palladium Box

To make the EMU Palladium coins more popular the Perth Mint has issued in the beginning of 1998 a limited set of three prints (graphics) that shows the motives of the EMU issues. The prints has been designed by the designers of the coins (Louise Pinder and Milena Milan). This prints are limited to a maximum of 250 pieces and each set has its own serial number. The issue price was AU$90.


Three Emu Prints